What marketing strategies could Auckland Theatre Company employ to emphasise how it satisfies social, egoistic and self-actualisation needs?

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  • Published : October 4, 2013
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To satisfy social needs, Auckland Theatre Company can encourage people to attend their performances in groups by offering group discounts or special bundle packages. For example, for a certain amount of tickets purchased they will be entitled a certain percentage discount of the total price. Subsequently, the company can offer bundle packages of buying 2 tickets and get the third ticket for free. These discounts and packages will differ according to the genre of performance and different festive periods. As explained by Helen Bartle that 'people often feel more comfortable going out during the day', Auckland Theatre Company can also offer weekend matinee performances with group discount. They can also offer family bundles whereby children below the age of 12 will be offer child ticket pricing all year round for the matinee shows on weekends and they will be able to watch for free during the Christmas holiday. This way, it can also encourage parents to take their children out to watch a performance which can also be a form of family bonding time/activity, especially for working parents who may have little time to spend with their family on weekdays. Auckland Theatre Company can also tie up with schools and come with special school bookings where the tickets will be of subsidised price for the student during school holidays.

As attending a theatre performance can be as much about 'being seen' as seeing the performance, it is said that to be artistically aware and supportive is seen as a respectable and desirable attribute. (Schiffman 2011) Therefore, in order to meet the egoistic and self-actualisation needs, Auckland Theatre Company can come out with a loyalty membership. For example, a prestigious group of 'arts supporters' can subscribe to Auckland Theatre Company as a member for VIP benefits and also be able to get the first hand information of up-coming performance and be able to have priority booking before it is released to the public. Members will also...
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