One Man Two Guvnors Review

Topics: Commedia dell'arte, Audience, Performance Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: April 30, 2013
One Man, Two Guvnors Review

One Man, Two Guvnors a Farce, based on The Servant of Two Masters (1753 Carlo Goldoni) and directed by Nicholas Hytner, promised to be a fantastic show that would make our sides leak with contagious laughter, this was quite accurate. Whether it was the colourful characters or the jocular jokes you fell in love with, this show has the absolute best of both worlds. When first hearing the rather bland title of “One Man, Two Guvnors” not much was expected, but boy was this wrong. The National Theater of Great Britain presented the show with complete synchronization with one another it was almost like the audience was watching through a window straight into 1963 Brighton.

The whole production starts with a sharply dressed Skiffle band, entertaining the crowd as they all take their seats and to set the mood that filled the theatre. As the heavy red curtain finally rises after deep anticipation, the stage is decorated with a lounge room scene filled with an array of different characters. The first few minutes seem to pass quite slowly, mainly because it was rather difficult to understand the characters strong British accents and jokes only an Englishman would find funny. The first hint of what is to come, is the entrance of Francis Henshall, the lovable harlequin played by Owain Arthur, as he enters and proceeds to catch a grape in his mouth after somersaulting over a chair and landing on his back, adding a superb element of slapstick to the show. Another golden point is the addition of short musical performances in-between set changes, which kept the audience enthusiastic and didn’t let the energy fade.

Many people would agree that the cast is what brings a show to life, this case is no different. The National Theatre of Great Britain put on a wonderful performance, the actors really connected with each other and the audience. A big part of this show is audience participation, or that’s what they want you to think... With members of...
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