What Are the Attraction and Motivation Factors of Management Level of Hotel Employees in Hong Kong?

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  • Published: February 10, 2013
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Hong Kong is famous for the hotel industry, and many people want to work in this industry. However, what really attract them to work for the hotel? Previous study shows that for the Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Japan the money is their primary goals for working. (Lam 2001 p.157). In different culture, they have different goal they are aim. As the Asian have a higher expect for the money as their concern, it is normal, because in Asia, their income and their expense are never get balance. The researcher want to find out is the management level feels the same as the normal staff. The reasons are that firstly, the management level gets higher salary then the normal. Secondly, the requirement for the manager already included they have to have the self-motivate skills. In fact, it showed that Hong Kong’s worker do not have the maximum hours for working hours in their law, this is pretty surprise that a highly developed city like this does not have the maximum working hour to protect the employees. This is a very demotivate factor for the workers, cause in the hospitality industry, they already suffering from intense load of works and long shifts. The researcher wants to find out after all these factors that effect for the employees, what will be the motivator for them to stay in this industry. The morale for Hong Kong’s worker is extremely low, due to low pay and long hour of working. For this research, to find out the real job related motivators, after that the hotel can have better communicate with the staff and prevent the high turn-over rate in this industry. In long term, if the employees are happy, the customer will benefits from it, the satisfaction of the customer can be increase if all of them are motivated. The aim of the research is to explore why Hong Kong people wants to work in the management level hotel industry The objectives are to examine the key elements of the hospitality industry that attract employees. To review the...
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