Employee Turnover Rate Research

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1. Introduction
Employee turnover is one of the recurring problems that all the human resource departments have to deal with. It seems at times that no matter what the efforts the human resource department puts in in retailing the employees, attrition never ceases. Hospitality industry is probably one among the industries where employee turnover is the highest (Paskin, 2008). The reasons for very high turnover among employees in the hospitality industry can be many. Some of them are low wages, casual employment, part-time employment, no job security et cetera. The papers discusses high turnover issues in the hospitality industry, the reasons behind the high turnover, the efforts of the human resource departments in the hospitality industry to cut attrition and the possible new moves and plans to have sustained rate of employees' retention. The paper also discusses the high turnover in the hospitality industry in the context of the lifestyle and attitudes of younger employees who constitute the major portions of the human resource and hospitality industry. The paper finally makes recommendations as to how the attrition can be reduced to a minimum and to increase the rate of attention of the employees in the hospitality industry.

2. Definition and classification
* Definition
Employee turnover referred to any departure from establishment or basically, an employee leaving his/her organization for whatever reason. * Classification
* Voluntary turnover or “Avoidable”
This term of turnover used when a staff starts seeking for a new job. This means he/she is ready to leave the organization. Voluntary turnover can be the result of such reasons as low salary, job dissatisfaction or other personal reasons. * Involuntary turnover or “Unavoidable”

In this case, establishment removes employees for reasons as poor performance, economic conditions, etc but not included death, illness, retirement.

3. Reasons for employee turnover
* Ineffective recruitment
The management that wants to recruit employees for different sections of the business needs to first identify the required skill sets in order to fulfill the job needs. More often than not, employees in the hospitality industry, especially in hotels and resorts are recruited without proper training in the required skills. While bigger hotels may opt for hospitality school graduates, the medium and small scale hotel businesses might just settle for employees with the basic skills such as endearing demeanor. The ineffective recruitment without full assessing the skills of the job applicant may lead to lack of efficiency in delivering the duties (D’Annuzio-Green et al., 2002, p49). Also, the employee may feel uncomfortable with the methods of delivering service which are hitherto alien to them. Unless the management takes initiative in training the recruits to suit the needs of the job they are given. * Low wages and long working hour

Since the job market in hospitality industry is quite competitive and since the influx of part time workers can be high during college vacations, regular and dedicated hospitality industry graduates and workers may find it difficult to get a steady job with decent pay. Most of the business in hospitality industry being seasonal and if it coincides with college vacations, the managements of the industry might opt for part time workers for lower wages to meet the additional demands of the season (D’Annuzio-Green et al., 2002, p47). This may be more so in budget hotels, restaurants and bars, which want to contain the expenses to increase the profits. But this will put the dedicated professionals in inconvenience as they are made to accept the low wages of the part time workers or their continuity of employment is threatened to say the least. While part time workers are normally paid in terms of the hours they work, fulltime dedicated workers who are on fixed salaries have...
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