What Abilities Do Good Thinkers Possess?

Topics: Problem solving, Heuristic, Daniel Kahneman Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: August 11, 2012
What abilities do good thinkers possess?

General Psychology
April 30th 2012

Good thinkers have the ability to think psychologically and enhance the ability to solve problem according to the Psychology core concepts. People with good thinking skills can identify can solve problems while considering all possibilities without leading to a conclusion. Another part of problem solving is choosing a strategy that fits the problem (Wickelgren, 1974). There are two methods for selecting a strategy which are algorithms and heuristics. Algorithms are formulas or procedures, like the ones used for math and science classes. They can help solve problems if you have all the necessary information. Some examples in the book are balancing a check book, figuring gas mileage, calculating grade point average and making a call on your cell phone. It will work because you are following a step by step procedure leading you from your problem to your solution. Certain problems that have more uncertainty and complex compartments can not be solved with algorithms. Heuristics are simple basic “rules of thumb” that helps cut through confusion of complicated situations, they are helpful but do not guarantee a solution. Some examples from the book are “don’t keep bananas in the refrigerator”, “If it doesn’t work see if it’s plugged in”. Heuristics require special knowledge like medical, physics or psychology training. There are three essential heuristics that are helpful to learn according to the book which are: working backward, searching for analogies and breaking a big problem into smaller problems. Having a good selection of strategies is also very important with problem solving. When you connect yourself to an ineffective strategy and stick to it you will have lot of problems. Good problem solvers have the ability to know when a new approach is needed, meaning they know when to choose an algorithm or heuristic method to solve their problem. Another important charactertics that...
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