Elements of Creative and Analytical Problem Solving

Topics: Problem solving, Creativity, Thought Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: October 2, 2008
What are the elements of creative and analytical problem solving?

In the field of management, problem solving is a skill that is required in every aspect of life. After all, if there were no problems, there would be no need for managers. Two types of problem solving that can be used is creative and analytical.

Analytical problem solving is based off of using four steps; defining the problem, generating alternatives, evaluating alternatives, and implementing the solution. There are many reasons why this approach of problem solving is beneficial. The reason that it is beneficial is because rather than just jumping to a conclusion or going off instinct to solve a problem, a more well thought out process is taken. By generating and evaluating alternatives, you can weed out the alternatives that will not be affective or are not the best choice. You will also have a number of choices to choose from, rather than just one, if you had jumped to your first option.

The other approach to problem solving, creative problem solving also has four methods for achieving it. These four methods are the use of imagination, incubation, improvement, and investment. With imagination the idea is to be new, rather than referring to the way things were done in the past, imaginative managers would think of something innovative and new, that had not been done before. The incubation approach to creative problem solving is achieved through teamwork, involvement, and coordination among individuals. The third way, improvement is achieved by doing things better than they have been done before. These type of managers are systematic, careful, and thorough, and try to accomplish tasks in a different, and more effective way, than they had been done in the past. The fourth type of creativity is investment. This is the pursuit of rapid goal achievement and competitiveness. These type of managers would try to have a faster response than others, with quicker approaches, and try to attack...
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