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Topics: Visual perception, Null hypothesis, Question Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: May 16, 2013
A Study on Extramission Beliefs (Assignment 1)
Carizza Rivera

A visual misconception where light rays emanate from the eyes during visual perception is known as the extramission theory and was investigated in first, third and fifth graders and college students to examine whether they held this belief. A set of verbal “yes” or “no” response based questions was conducted asking participants questions regarding their perception on the process of vision which resulted in greater extramission interpretations as grade levels increase. Conversely, the simple-based research revealed that the great difference between the answers of children and adults is affected by the form of the questions. Another study was performed under a different circumstance through a series of animated computer graphic items representing visual input and visual output. The research is not precise in relation to whether the clarification presented by the animated graphics would minimise extramission responses or scientific misunderstandings would enhance them. Findings produced even more evidence of extramission while verbal questions seemed to increase intromission though it doesn’t necessarily imply correct interpretations. The results reveal that extramission responses doesn’t result from misinterpretation of the questions but possibly due to the phenomenology of visual orientation and their sense of understanding which depends on the representation of the phenomenon.

The first hypothesis asking any evidence of misconception was rejected because more people answered the correct intromission than extramission responses indicating that more people showed no misconception whereas those who may have extramission beliefs scored lower in both questions. The second hypothesis asks whether people can feel gaze more strongly which was supported by determining how many people didn’t have perfect feeling scores. Only 24 people scored perfect feeling scores whereas...
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