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Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is a free-floating or rooted in mud plant or weed which can totally cover fresh water lakes, harbors, and other essentially relatively occluded fresh water bodies. It is a fast growing permanent aquatic plant that are extensively scattered all throughout the world. This tropical plant can be the reason for the infestation over large areas of water resources and thus lead to a series of problems.

Water hyacinth is considered as a nuisance in many parts of the world because of its effects in the waterways and in the degradation of water quality by means of depleting the dissolved oxygen. Moreover, due to high evapotranspiration it adds to water crisis all over the places where it grows. It can cause physical problems, ecological and economical impacts. It can also affect the recreational users, such as divers, swimmers and fishers, by causing underwater visibility and biodiversity problems.

It is a well known ornamental plants found in water gardens and aquariums, its stem and leaves contain air-filled sacs that help them to stay afloat in water. In many developing countries, it is widely used as a traditional medicine as their root and leaf extracts arerecognized to treat certain illness (swelling, burning, hemorrhage, and goiters), and even used to get rid of toxic elements from polluted water bodies. They are used totreat certain inflammatory conditions of veterinary animals. They are also used as a vegetable crop(leaves, petiole and flowers) in some parts of the world (Philippines, Java) and are known to be rich in carotene, protein and carbohydrates.

On the other hand, global depletion of energy supply is being one of a major problem of the present and future world community, thus development of an alternative energy technology is seriously vital. The most widely used biofuel is bioethanol. One of the potential materials for bioethanol production feedstock is the water hyacinth because of its high containing cellulose and hemicellulose for a based bioethanol production. Water hyacinth is considered as an attractive raw material for the production of the fuel ethanol because of its availability.

Researchers are taking advantages in finding solutions that would solve both the water hyacinth issues and the global depletion of energy supply, and studies are being conducted to convert these plants to a more useful and economically feasible product.

In the bioethanol conversion that is to be done, there are some bases such as the overall economics (lowest cost), environmental (lowest pollutants) and energy (higher efficiencies) are considered to make the process economically variable.

In order to meet the global energy demand, researchers’ concentration is in the development of alternative technologies, not only due to the continuous depletion of fossil fuel but also for the protection and safety of the environment. The utilization of cheap substrate is extremely demanding in creating a competent and environmentally sustainable energy sources.

This study would like to produce bioethanol from the leaves and stalks of Water hyacinth, and the bioethanol produced will be quantified using Separated Hydrolysis and Fermentation (SHF).

The proposed study aims to utilize the high growth rate of Water hyacinth to produce bioethanol that would lessen the costs of fossil fuels drastically.

1. To control the rapid proliferation of the plant.
2. To prevent water bodies from becoming the source for a variety of diseases. 3. To prevent its interference with day to day activities of mankind that would lead to series of problems.

The development of an alternative energy technology is vitallyimportant because of the ever-increasing energy...
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