Lake Victoria Case in Study

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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Krystle Baxter
University of Phoenix
August, 2012

Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in East Africa. Lake Victoria was the home to over 400 cichlids; which today more than half of the population are now extinct. A major destruction of Lake Victoria’s ecological balance was due to the Nile Perch. The Nile perch is a large voracious predator. The Nile Perch was brought to Lake Victoria to help out fisherman but instead the ecological balance of the lake stared to destroy. By 1980 fisherman noticed they were catching more Nile Perch and less of the cichlids. Water Hyacinth also is a major issue that has helped decrease the clearness of Lake Victoria. The water plant has now caused the lake to suffocate. The Nile Perch played a major role with the destruction of Lake Victoria due to humankind error. The Nile perch was brought to Lake Victoria to help out fisherman. The problem with this was Lake Victoria was the home to the cichlids and by bringing in the Nile Perch they were becoming extinct in their own habitat. However, the Nile Perch was not the only downfall for Lake Victoria. Pollution also played a role in complications with Lake Victoria. The pollution caused for loss of cichlids as well. Agricultures practices contributed fertilizers and sediment from soil erosion. Both increased the turbidity of the water. The soil erosion made the fresh water cloudy. Amongst other environmental problems water hyacinth, a water plant, for nearly 20 years has formed a canopy over the water and covering the pier. This is causing Lake Victoria to suffocate. There has been research going on for some time now to help find a solution to the up keeping of Lake Victoria. Scientist is now hoping mobile phones may be able to save Lake Victoria. According to Daniel Ooko, Kenyan correspondent, scientist from the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI) hope to use SMS (short message service) to help stakeholders get...
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