Investigating Water Potential of Swed

Topics: Osmosis, Water, Semipermeable membrane Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: November 28, 2012
eInvestigating water potential of swede
The aim of our experiment was to investigate the water potential of swede and then use our results to help us determine the water potential of plant tissue. This overall flow of water from a dilute area of high water potential to a more concentrated solution of low water potential across a partially permeable membrane is called osmosis. I predicted that the swede cylinders which are put in a test tube with a low potential of sucrose solution would become turgid because the water molecules that are present in the swede will move away from an area of higher potential of water molecules to an area that has a lower potential of water molecules, this means that the swede sample will gain mass and become full almost to an extent where it is ready to burst. The swede samples that are going to be put in a test tube with a high potential of sucrose solution will become flaccid because the swede cylinder will have a higher potential of water molecules and so these molecules will diffuse into the sucrose solution as it has a lower water potential, this means that the potato sample will shrivel and loose mass. Equipment

* Plant tissue such as swede
* 1M sucrose solution
* Distilled water
* Boiling tubes
* Cork borer size No.5 or 6
* Scalpel, white tile and ruler
* Boling rack tube to hole six tubes
* Measuring cylinders
* 10cm cubed syringes
* Chemical balance
* Tweezers
* Labels or Chinagraph pencil/OHP pen
* Bungs to fit boiling tubes
* Paper towel for blotting
To ensure that our experiment gave us the best possible outcome of results and to make sure that we carried out the experiment safely we were extra cautious with the type of equipment we used and how we used it. If we used more than one swede we made sure that the swede was of the same brand and roughly the same size this helped to reduce any errors in our results. We took care with any glassware and cutting equipment...
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