Welfare Measure

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Every business organization depends for its effective functioning on its pool of able and willing human resources. It is man alone who with his ability to feel, think and grow, shows satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The industrial progress of country would depend on its committed labour force.

Hence it was felt that the workplace should provide adequate facilities to protect the health of the workers from occupational diseases. But to improve the productivity, it was essential to improve and maintain the morale and the sense of security at work of the workers. Providing them various amenities in addition to their regular salary could do this.

These amenities are also known as welfare measures, which are provided by the labours to the workers. This would include both the statutory welfare measures as well as the non-statutory welfare measures. The welfare amenities prove beneficial to the labour as well. For the labour such amenities will improve the labour’s motivation level, thus improving the industrial relations and promoting goodwill in the organization. Thus the welfare measures play an important role in improving the productivity level of the labour’s and reducing the labour turnover and absenteeism making it possible for the management to bring the best out of them while rewarding them accordingly.

In general it may be said that the welfare amenities or measures would include all the means of protecting the health, general well being safety and efficiency of the workers of the organization. In some of the large organization, welfare amenities would include the selection and training of the labour. In fact welfare facilities are not restricted to the workers alone, but it is extended to whole of the society in general.

Human resources management is at the centre of actuating, which forms the crux of Human Resources Management in the rapidly changing management scenario of today. Human resources management is a superset of personal management and industrial relations. It is concerned with activities that are directed towards the development of people in the organization like performance appraisal, labour’s counseling and training.

Personnel management deals with more day-to-day activities like recruitment, job definition, salary management etc. , while industrial relation goes down to the grass roots focusing mainly on labour welfare and management. It focuses on maintaining a safe and comfortable work atmosphere, take care of the labour’s day-to-day needs and ensuring that they are productive in compliance with all the rules and regulation of labour laws laid down under Indian law.

Therefore human resource management has a very crucial role to play, thus concerned with the human beings who are the invaluable asset of the organization. This reflects a new philosophy, a new outlook an approach and strategy which views organization manpower as its resources and assets and not as its liabilities.

Labour welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities provided to the employees in addition to normal wages and other economic rewards available to labour as per the legal provisions. Welfare programmes have a positive impact on labour’s morale, motivation, job satisfaction, loyalty, commitment and retention in the organisation. The study, conducted in M/s Hindustan Latex Limited, Trivandrum, is significant since the operations in the company are labour intensive where a large number of labour’s are exposed to toxic chemicals which could affect their health and well-being. Through this study, the researcher made an attempts to throw light on the...
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