Summary from Virginia Business Online

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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Summary from Virginia Business Online.
This article is borrowed from Virginia Business Online. Its title is Perks that work. That means that the author, Robert Burke, illustrates the effective and ineffective perks to increase workers loyalty to keep them in organization. The article can be logically divided into three parts. In the first part the author agrees with Jay Doherty of the New York-based human-resources consulting firm William M. Mercer Inc. about the importance of worker happiness in the company for keeping them, on the one hand, and the misunderstanding of it by bosses, on the other hand. In the second part Robert Burke asserts that there are too expensive trends for keeping personal, but they are not so effective. To prove his viewpoint he examples MicroStrategy, which has hosted all of its employees on Caribbean cruises. Or more evident instance - Net2000 Communications which puts top performers behind the wheel of luxury cars like a BMW 323i or Z3. In the last part the author talks about too high importance of great payment and makes an example of other points of keeping the workers such as building special corporate moral. He means no only such things like honesty, efficiency, aggressiveness, respect, teamwork, caring, common sense and fun, but also partnership outside the office. The position of the author is obvious: the monetary stimulation for keeping is often not as effective as bosses want. And searching «Perks that work» is serious aim. But in my opinion, building special corporate culture can take great expense, so we need to use an economy of scale. Otherwise, such decision of application new variants of perks is actual only for huge companies. In whole, I agree with the author.
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