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International Journal of Business and Social Science

Vol. 2 No. 13 [Special Issue - July 2011]

Employee Development and Its Affect on Employee Performance
A Conceptual Framework
Abdul Hameed
Aamer Waheed
Management Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan
E-mail: abdulhameed@comsats.edu.pk
Employee is a key element of the organization. The success or failure of the organization depends on employee performance. Therefore, organizations are investing huge amount of money on employee development. This paper analyzes the theoretical framework & models related to employee development and its affect on employee performance. The key variables identifies related to employee development and Employee performance. The further discussion develops a proposed model which explains the relationship between employee development variables (employee learning, skill growth, self directed, employee attitude) and employee performance variable. The employee performance will affect on organizational effectiveness. The paper is divided into three parts. The introductory part provides brief overview related to employee development and its affect on employee performance. The second part analyzes the views and studies of the past researchers related to employee development and employee performance. In the end, paper presents the proposed model along with the discussion and conclusion.

Keywords: Employee development, employee performance, organizational effectiveness. Introduction
Employee Development is one of the most important functions of Human Resource Management. Employee development means to develop the abilities of an individual employee and organization as a whole so; hence employee development consists of individual or employee and overall growth of the employee as when employees of the organization would develop the organization, organization would be more flourished and the employee performance would increase (Elena P. 2000). Therefore, there is a direct relationship between Employee Development and Employee Performance. As when employees would be more developed, they would be more satisfied with the job, more committed with the job and the performance would be increased. When employee performance would increase, this will lead to the organization effectiveness (Champathes, 2006).

Importance of Employee Development Activities
Employee development activities are very important for the employees, as the activities are performed, it indicates that organization cares about their employees and wants them to develop (Elena P. 2000). Many of the organizations are investing in employee development. When organizations are contributing towards the employee development activities, the employees work hard; utilize their full skills and efforts to achieve the goals of the organizations.

There are many schools of thoughts. One school of thought says that employee development focus on: 1. Self Development
2. Self Directed Learning
This concept indicates that employee development must be recognized by the employees who want to learn or who are willing to learn. When employees are willing to learn , they show their interest in the developmental activities, as a result they are more satisfied with the job which will lead to increase in employee performance (Elena P. 2000). Employee development also depends upon the individual employee, how much curiosity to learn.

 How much curiosity to learn an individual employee?
 How to learn to develop themselves?
As when individual employee wants to learn, he would learn more and more, he would participate in many other activities such as attend seminars, workshops and others training sessions, either on the job or off the job. This indeed would lead to employee development, and employee development would lead to increase in employee performance.


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