Benefits Supporting Staff Welfare

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Discuss the relationship between staff welfare 2 Explain the process for assessing welfare 3 Identify the actions to be taken 3 Describe how to communicate 4

Discuss records that may be maintained 5
Appendix 1 – Example of a Health Hazards Matrix


1. Recent statistics produced by my company’s Human Resource department show that the sickness and absenteeism rate in this department is unacceptably high. The report below will outline the benefits to the company of being able to support and promote staff welfare.

2. This report considers what can be done in relation to staff welfare and the link to poor staff health and absenteeism due to poor working conditions.

I will begin by addressing the individual objectives:

3. Discuss the relationship between the staff welfare and organisational objectives Happy content staff equates to a harmonious and productive working environment in order for this target to be met; we must always attempt to ensure that all staff feel as secure in their jobs as possible, in order to achieve this objective we must adopt and open door policy, this basically means staff must always feel they can approach management with any worries or grievances. We can break this down into points, what do staff expect? I would say, the feeling of value and job security with the ability to approach management if their personal situation changes, they may feel the need for reassurance. As an employer we must be aware of our responsibilities to our staff and in particular, their welfare. Written policies should be made available to all staff and updated whenever the legislation covered in the documents change. A safe working environment is paramount within all organisations and consideration to the health and wellbeing of all employees should be matter of fact and documented within the policy, team spirit and strong communication all assist in forging a mutual working respect, a happy employee who feels valued within the organisation will have respect for authority and give much more of themselves in their day to day work. In some cases the company may have to employ part time help, they should feel part of the team at all times. This is achieved throughout the organisation with regular training when appropriate. Correct training is a wonderful motivator and can boost staff morale. Perhaps if the training is going to take the employee out of the work place for a lengthy period of time, measures must be put in place so the remaining team members don’t feel over pressurised with the extra work load and equally it may be good practice to make a note on the record reflecting the monetary reward and pay back will be essential if say the employee was to leave the company within 6 months of the training. 4. Explain the process for assessing staff welfare

Regular staff meetings are essential and form an important place in all working environments. Communication between management and front line staff is crucial within all organisations. Staff appraisals present the opportunity for staff to give their feedback on the way they feel performance is going this is also an excellent opportunity for any grievances to be aired and the necessity for any training becomes apparent. This will be completed in duplicate and duly signed by both parties This would be diarised; and will be kept on the employees’ record. Once again, a company with a keen interest in staff welfare has happy healthy employees who have high morale and motivated to work to their best ability and are less inclined to...
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