Report on Talent Planning in Organisations

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Human Resources Management

Resourcing Talent
Activity 1
” Report on Talent Planning in Organisations “

Factors that affect an organizations approach to attracting talent Companies are offering attractive packages for educated and talented people who have interest it the role with in the company for example: * Pension – private pensions schames with in the company , retirement programs * Flexi time of work – where employee can chose when he is able to work once the work load is done by dead line time, giving opportunity for work life balance * Learning opportunities- the company gives ability to learn and develop skills PDP plan and also offering courses, or finance degree programs for employees in order to develop company * Attractive and fair solary- employees are working at different levels of performance also at different grades within the company, the knowledge that the hard work is going to be rewarded

Three organizations benefits of attracting and retaining o diverse workforce Trzy organizacje korzyści z przyciągnięcia i utrzymania o. różnorodnych pracowników) * The company can gather huge amount of talent from all around the world, which might not find it the country of origin of the company. * Different people different approaches from all around the world can help company to expand to different markets * Many organizations recognise that a diverse workforce helps the organization understand and respond to the needs of an increasingly diverse client base

Three factors that affect an organizations approach to recruitment and selection Trzy czynniki wpływające na podejście do organizacji rekrutacji i selekcji The factors can be internal and external the example of internal approach is: * Recruitment policy- which include : general recruitment policies and terms of the organisation, recruitment services of consultants, recruitment of temporary employee, unique recruitment situations, selection process, job...
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