Work in a Business Enviornment

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UNIT 203:Work in a business Enviornment.
203.1:Understand how to respect other people at work.
1.1 Describe what is meant by diversity and why it should be valued? It is about valuing variety and individual differences and creating a culture, environment and practices which respect and value differences for the benefit of society, organisations and individuals.

A diverse workforce is important because the organisation can offer a wider range of resources, skills, ideas and energy to the business, providing a competitive edge. Organisations who embrace diversity will reap the benefits of resourcing from a wider pool of talent, broaden their market, improve productivity and raise their profile in the community.

1.2Describe how to treat other people in a way that is sensitive to their needs 1.One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself 2.One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.Keeping the above as a thumb of rule we can treat other people in a way that is sensitive to their needs. 1.3 Describe how to treat other people in a way that respects their abilities, background, values, customs and beliefs . Every individual's needs have to be taken into account and respected when sorting out disagreements. Also we need to listen to people's needs and support them through and that way they will feel valued. Different people will have different standards and levels of understanding, so we need to use the appropriate language and respect confidentiality 1.4 Describe ways in which it is possible to learn from others at work. Different people follow different strategies to solve difficult situations. So, it is good to take that opportunity to learn from co-workers and sharpen the skills.Pay attention to see how your colleagues act and react,ask for demonstration ,guidance from the experienced hands and developing strong networks of relationships to be successful. 203.2: Understand how to maintain security and...
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