Welfare Reform

Topics: Welfare, Welfare fraud, Unemployment Pages: 6 (1970 words) Published: December 2, 2012
All Forms of Government Welfare Should be Abolished
By: Michelle M. Flores
Strayer University
PHI 210
Professor James Poteet

All Forms of Government Welfare Should be Abolished
Welfare is defined as “governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need.” (wordnet.princeton.edu). There are many programs that are currently implemented to aid and assist families in need. Under new laws, Maryland has re-named its assistance programs to Family Investment Programs. Some of these programs include: TCA- Temporary Cash Assistance, Food Stamps, WIC – Women Infants and Children Program, Child Care Assistance, Medical Assistance, Section 8- housing assistance, Energy Assistance and many other programs. To qualify for such programs, a family must have a minor child or a pregnant woman, and the parent must have applied for child support from the absent parent. It is said that the family applying must show a need for assistance. (peoples-law.org). Currently, the United States is in a financial recession. This recession has made many Americans rely and depend on such assistance from the Government. With all of these and many more programs implemented, when is enough, enough? How much assistance should be offered to a single family or person? What programs are actually necessary and/or beneficial? I will provide a brief synopsis of a few programs below. Temporary Cash Assistance

Temporary Cash Assistance is a government allowance in the form of cash. Qualifications for this program are as follows:
Household sizeGross Income
1 person or a pregnant woman$216.00 a month or less 2 persons$380.00 a month or less 3 persons$482.00 a month or less 4 persons$583.00 a month or less 5 persons$675.00 a month or less (peoples-law.org). The current minimum wage in Maryland is $7.25. (epi.org). This means that a single person or pregnant woman cannot work anymore than thirty two hours a month or eight hours a week to qualify for this benefit. The average person works at least thirty to forty hours per week, which is about four times the qualifying allowance. What kind of job will allow a person to work only eight hours a week? How is this fair to those who work more than that and are still struggling to get by living paycheck to paycheck? It’s not! Are these families using this cash assistance to help pay bills or to live lavishly? What type of control is used here? There is no control, so absolutely none. Now, I am not saying that families who receive cash assistance should not be able to buy luxury or feel good items, but these items should not be a priority before bills are paid. If you cannot afford to keep your lights on, you should not be in the bar buying alcohol or in the salon getting your hair and nails done. This is absurd! I love to see my tax dollars going to hair nails on a woman that is not working, but yet I work full time and cannot afford to have my hair and nails done as often as those women do. SNAP

SNAP otherwise known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the new name for the Food Stamp Program. SNAP is a government allowance that provides needy families with the benefit to buy food. This program provides a family with a card similar to a debit or credit card that holds the benefits allotted to said family. If a person or family qualifies for cash assistance, they will automatically qualify for SNAP. The income guidelines are as follows:

Household SizeGross IncomeNet Income
1 person$1,127.00$867.00 2 persons$1,517.00$1,167.00 3 persons$1,907.00$1,467.00 4 persons$2,297.00$1,767.00...
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