Week Three Assignment for Res 581

Topics: Statements, Mission statement, North Carolina Community College System Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Research Proposal Approach
March 28, 2013
Dr. Jeanette Selby-Lucas
STR 581
Jacqueline Shealey-Degree

Vision and Mission Statements are brief summaries that clearly describe the direction and purpose of the organization. Vision and Mission Statements are the backbone statements that drive and describe the company from the inside out. Everything from both statements are looked upon not only by investors but outsiders as well such as employees and future customers. Included in the vision and mission statements are the values of the organization. There are times that products, services and who the organizations are, are included also in the vision and mission statements. It is important to be as informative but as brief as possible. The vision statement answers, “Who are we” the Mission statement answers “What we do’ and the values sum everything up. One goal of writing a good, and concise Vision and Mission Statement without cramming in too many words is to spend time understanding the goals of the company, the clientele of the company, the expected growth of the company and the expected expansions of the company as well as why the organization was formulated. It is also important to include in the vision and mission statement what the organization foresee short and long term when it comes to the involvement with the community and employees.

Vision and Mission Statements that are clear and concise easily help identify the company without requiring the reader to get bored or rush through the statement and not fully understand the dynamics of the organization. The more clear you describe the vision and mission statement the better one can understand. Over time vision and mission statements may change but the purpose should always tie back to the core values of the business. Core values should be unchangeable. They should remain intact for the life of the organization.

I have decided to conduct a research plan concerning Central Piedmont Community...
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