Website Level of Analysis and University Web Ranking

Topics: Academic Ranking of World Universities, College and university rankings, Ranking Pages: 13 (3566 words) Published: May 19, 2013
An Extended IS Success Model at organizational Level Based on Delone and McLean’s Model: Website level of analysis and University Web Ranking


Sharif Salem

1- Introduction (Motivations, Problem Statement and Goals)

The Delone and McLean’s Model of IS Success is one of the most widely-cited in the IS literature. Delone and McLean clearly state that providing a model does not create a study, or develop measures, or interpret the results. A model depicts a theory and it helps the researcher put the data in a framework to make it easier to understand and explain. More than 25 years have passed since Delone and McLean published their cautionary words about their IS Success model, and there are still not close to filling some of those gaps. After reviewing the IS success literature that utilizes the Delone and McLean’s model from 1992 to 2007, Petter, Delone, and McLean reiterated this observation that the research had not advanced at the organizational level. While enough studies have been conducted that validate almost every relationship in the model at the individual level of analysis, there are not enough studies to validate even one fourth of the relationships presented in the model at the organizational level of analysis (Petter, et al., 2008; Perez-Mira, 2010; Delone & Mclean, 2004). This void in the research calls to attention many items of concern for researchers. Delone and McLean’s model designed mainly to study information system success for internal systems where system use is mandatory by employees or internal customers. E-commerce environment is a unique setting to study the Delone and McLean’s model of IS Success because the system itself is essential to the business, without it, there would not be any business-customer interaction. Also, the system is not internal to the organization; in its primary use, it faces the customer, not organizational employees’ means that e-commerce use is mainly volitional. Finally, the features in the website are fairly standard, easy to interpret and match with the different dimensions of the DLML model. Finally in E-commerce environment system use is not mandatory and affected by other new factors like reputation and historical success of the organization which play important impact at system use and organization net benefits. This new factor is not exist or discussed on Delone and McLean’s Model. (Perez-Mira, 2010; Yan, 2008; Huynh, et al., 2006) There is increasing interest worldwide in university rankings, as can be witnessed by the growing number of annual rankings being published and by the number of conferences/workshops being held on the topic ( The success of these rankings is due to globalization of the higher education in which a university may internationally compete for economic and human resources. Higher education institutions are using these rankings as a promotion tool that shows their educational, research or business excellence.(Aguillo, 2010; Wikipedia, 2010; University World News, 2010) In modern tech. world Universities ranking is important to any institute looking for internationality and excellence. Methodologies used at ranking systems relies one of two techniques academic or website presence. Evaluating university websites is of great interest to Eduroute, Webometrics and 4ICU ranks since it reflects the degree of investment and effort the university has put into its website and in making its presence felt on the internet and the academic community. Academic interest and website interest are two parallel lines each reflect the other. At this research we will investigate and validate the relationship between the website design and web ranks. Which parts and activities of the website is more important and play critical impact in web ranks is very important to university decision makers, IT and website management and web programming lecturers. At this research we will use the data collected and...
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