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The New CIO
Preparing for IT Leadership

E xc e r p t e d fro m

The Adventures of an IT Leader

Robert D. Austin, Richard L. Nolan, and Shannon O’Donnell

Harvard Business Press Boston, Massachusetts

ISBN-13: 978-1-4221-3008-7


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Series overview
The Adventures of an IT Leader invites readers to “walk in the shoes” of a new CIO as he spends a difficult year learning effective information technology leadership. Experienced cumulatively, this eighteenchapter story gains dramatic momentum, and later chapters provide opportunities to revisit key IT management issues in more depth. However, chapters can also be read independently or in smaller batches as suits the needs of particular readers. To facilitate this, we provide the following contextual information.


As the story begins in chapter 1, the IVK Corporation, a midsize financial services firm, is attempting a turnaround following a period of slowing business performance1. The stock price has fallen substantially as investors have adjusted their expectations of the firm’s growth. An aggressive new CEO, Carl Williams, takes over and assigns a new management team. In the process, the former head of Loan Operations, Jim Barton, is appointed CIO. Barton has no background in IT—none at all. The story 1

The IVK Corporation and its staff are fictional, but the contents of the book are based on the authors’years of firsthand experience with diverse companies and managers.


Series Overview

follows Barton as he figures out what effective IT management is all about and deals with issues and challenges of the job. These broadly include, by chapter number: • The challenges of information technology leadership (1–3) • Managing the IT budget (4) • Maximizing the value of IT (5) • Approaches to project management (6) • Managing large projects (7) • Prioritizing among a portfolio of projects (8) • Board-level governance (9) • Management and aftermath of a security crisis (10–11) • Communication and interaction with the boss and peers (12) • Analyzing emerging technologies (13) • Arranging and managing partnerships with vendors (14) • Managing highly talented employees (15) • Investing in infrastructure to move toward standardization and innovation (16) • Managing risk (17) • Job opportunities for IT leaders (18)

The Main Characters
In order of appearance . . .
Jim Barton: The new CIO of IVK. A talented and ambitious general manager, formerly the head of Loan Operations. Barton knows little about IT; he sets out to learn quickly and to lead the IT department toward renewed growth, stability, and strategic partnership within the company—but not without facing serious challenges.


Series Overview Carl Williams: This bold turnaround CEO is high on ambition and short on patience. Maggie Landis: A savvy management consultant and Barton’s girlfriend, she often provides Barton with valuable insight, references, and perspectives. The kid: Wise beyond his years, this twenty-something tech nerd,...
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