Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Privacy, Marketing, Loyalty program Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: April 7, 2013
SR-Kf-013 for Kudler Fine Foods
Shawna Rice-Villareal
April 1, 2013
Mark Bentcover

SR-Kf-013 for Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Fine Foods has been offering customers high quality gourmet foods for a number of years and has chosen to use a marketing strategy called the Frequent Shopper Program to offer valuable customers rewards through a points system to increase sales revenues and bring in more customers. Just like several other companies, Kudler Fine Foods has decided to use this program to offer loyal customers benefits and VIP services. Kudler Fine Foods has partnered with companies that can offer higher end items for redeemable gifts such as airline tickets with first class upgrades and specialty foods. The objective to having a frequent shopper program is to track purchases on an individual customer level and provide high value incentives in order to raise revenues in the company’s products and services departments. Considerations for the implementation of this program include legal, ethical, and information security. This document will serve to discuss all three as well as discuss the cost related concerns in applying this program. A) Legal: The frequent shopper program application should include all pertinent privacy laws in membership agreement. The application should stress that protecting the privacy of the customers personal information is a high priority and no information will be sold to a third party corporation; it will be kept confidential and for the use of Kudler Fine Foods frequent shopper program only. The application should have a place where the customer will sign and date the document. This will represent the legal bind between the customer and Kudler Fine Foods to comply with all of the terms and conditions stated. The application should also list the requirements of the customer and what is expected of them during the period they are enrolled in the program. The application should also list the rules on how to obtain...
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