Weakpoints and Strong Points in My Writing

Topics: Writing, Word, Mind Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: September 25, 2010
I found my vocabulary is not rich. When I read an article, I always can’t understand the meaning of a sentence if there are lots of new words or idioms in it. Therefore, it is easy for me to misunderstand the real intention of this whole essay. And then, it is always happen to me that when I finish reading a paper, I couldn’t remember all the things in the article, my mind become blank after reading. To read is an easy task, but to comprehend is not as simple as reading. And the most terrible thing is that I seldom have questions about the article after reading, and it seems I am lack of the ability to think about something.The biggest problem in my writing is that my grammar is poor. It is hard for me to choose the tense in my essay, especially in a complicated sentence. Next, because the vocabulary I have known is limited; I couldn’t use variety words to express what I want to say in a clear way. The more I want to change the way of saying, the more I feel restricted in writing. Moreover, it took me long time than any other people to write an essay. The first reason is the vocabulary problem I mentioned above, and sometimes, I need more time to correct my spelling because I am not absolutely sure that the word I used spells in a right way. Or it spends me much time to find a suitable word in the article for I don’t want to make my essay looks very simple. The second reason is I found myself can’t write down what I thought logically. Maybe it is because I couldn’t see one thing in wide aspects and I‘d love to write something down once I thought about at random. So my essay is always like composed of some sentence fragmentary without the whole idea in one paragraph. The third reason is that I always think about some viewpoints using my first language and then change the complete sentence into English. As a result, I always feel slowly to write my opinions on the paper. Furthermore, I think I am the person who lack of creativity. I have to spend a plenty of time...
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