Enc Final Portfolio

Topics: Celebrity, Identity, Love Pages: 16 (6114 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Final Portfolio

Alysson P. Guerrero

Professor Emer Sanchez
October 14, 2012

Focusing in self- evaluation to improve the learning process, help me to set goals and be aware of my own mistakes. When the English Composition course started, I wanted to be able to express my thoughts and my ideas in an effective way. The process of writing for non-native speakers of English is kind of difficult. For me, the American style of writing is very narrow, and my style is completely different. I found myself having trouble sticking to a thesis, because I had so many ideas that I did not know how to organize, and that was the primary purpose of taking this course, to learn to make my writings more organized. In my first essay on identity, I felt very comfortable, and I even thought that was easy, except for the thesis, in which I spent a little bit more than two hours. The rest was easy, but I did not understand the assignment and I failed my purpose of writing because I did not have a clear purpose. My second essay on community was better. The thesis statement was clear, I was more specific, but there were not stronger connections between my paragraphs and my thesis. Consequently, my evidence was unstructured and unclear. Then, in my third essay on competition, I did not add transitions in my paragraphs and I did not preserve the logical flow of the story. My fourth essay on Romance, was my favorite, my ideas were clear in my mind but not on my paper; the thesis was long and lacked of clarity to support my assertions. Next, my fourth essay on entertainment, I jumped from one idea to other without sticking to my thesis and my position was not clear. Finally, in my last essay on nature, what I feel was the worst of my essays; I used an assumption very difficult to illustrate and I misunderstood the assumption which leaded to lack of coherence and unity. However, my revision result in surprising discoveries and I changed some of my essays significantly. I tried to develop my ideas in detail and give more connection to my paragraphs. I deleted some of my sentences that were repeating my ideas and restated my evidence trying to give more analysis. Finally, I added transitions between my paragraphs, I fixed my works cited and quotations correctly, and I also took away unnecessary commas. Anyways, I enjoyed the course because help me to give more structure to my writings; I am less frustrated right now. Even when I feel I need more practice, I have improved my critical thinking and now I feel comfortable communicating my ideas. Judging my own word, guided me throughout mistakes and I am able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. In the future I expect more quality from my compositions and I learned to be more concise and to present my ideas more audience- oriented. This course is very helpful for my career, since I work as a paralegal and I have to write a lot of legal briefs that presents analysis of legal issues. Even when the legal writing is a technical writing and results easy for me, I became more organized in the presentation of my ideas.

Identity and Social Environment
The meaning of identity is defined with the question “who am I?” Depending on the context, this question leads to many different ways a person might describe who she or he is. The concept of identity is different for everybody and for all disciplines. A person may answer about his or her personal style; people from different disciplines can argue that identity is about gender, social category, ethnicity, race, sexuality, nationality and culture. From the moment we are born we are categorized either as a girl or a boy, which defines gender identity. The region in which a person is born defines a particular social group, and provides specific identities as religion, language and culture. A combination of different factors makes identity move through life as people build personal identity. In any case, it...
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