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Topics: Essay, Writing, Linguistics Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Writing is an art but difficult process for me. Nobody born as a writer but he gains the experience to be able to express his thoughts to others. My experience in writing was very minimal. English is not my native language and was not emphasized in my high school . English writing was basically attested of memory for students. They give us different topics and they give us sample writing. We memorize them and one of the topics would come in the test. We write just because we memorized them. Before I come to University of Louisville I went to intensive English Institute at University of Knoxville for one semester. I did several writing including arguments, personal essays, and research paper. I also learned how to build sentences and paragraphs. The limitation of the English vocabulary made it hard for me to put my thoughts together and clear about certain subject to present it to my audience. I also face difficulties with grammar, specifically with sentence structure. I am always confused what type of sentence I should use, or how to word and punctuate a sentence to express the idea I want. I struggle in transitions throughout paragraphs and thoughts, and give my papers a smoothness that I would like to. be. Every time Whenever I get my essay back, the teacher puts circles all over the paper. They keep telling me that I need to redo this the entire paragraph or something is not clear and that I need to write more when I've explained everything I could about the topic. Also, my essays are so short, which is why that I am constantly getting low grades for my English classes. I can never think of anything to write about to make the essay longer and it is very frustrating. On the other hand, I was wondering why there are some students that get excellent grades on their essays like it's nothing very easily. I started to look for my weaknesses and strengths in writing and how to improve my language. To overcome my writing weaknesses skills I had to take...
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