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Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Project planning Pages: 20 (3162 words) Published: November 17, 2012
|INTRODUCTION: Plan and Schedule Development – | |Task Identification and Work Breakdown Structure | |The detailed guidelines and examples start on the following page | |What This Is | |First of a series of six templates for project plan and schedule development. This guideline lists the process steps for developing a work | |break down structure that identifies all the tasks in the project’s work, the first step in creating a detailed project plan and schedule. | |Several Work Breakdown Structure examples are provided to demonstrate the results. | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Content in this guideline was contributed by: | |ProjectConnections staff, IPSolutions - www.ipsassociates.com, and ICS Group www.icsgrp.com | | | |Why It’s Useful | |A key to successful project scheduling is to break down the project goals into tasks BEFORE you consider delivery dates, resource constraints,| |specific named resources, or task dependencies. This helps you to objectively identify all of the work necessary without subconsciously | |leaving out real work in order to fit date constraints. | |The WBS step helps accomplish the following key objectives: | |Develops an objective, rational view of the amount of work required | |Helps team grasp the skills required and amount of resources required for the project | |Provides a clear framework for assigning to individuals a clear task definition and delegate the responsibility for completion | |Lays a foundation for analyzing the task dependencies and for isolating and managing risks | |Lays a foundation for developing a bottom-up estimate for the project schedule | |Allows tradeoffs to be made consciously and with the proper consensus involved. | |How to Use It...
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