Man 301 Final Project

Topics: Water, Bottled water, Drinking water Pages: 25 (5566 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Three Year Marketing Plan—Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc.

|INSTRUCTIONS | |Throughout the semester you will complete incrementally segments of a final project that you must submit at the| |end of the course: a marketing plan. | |Your marketing plan will feature Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc. Information about Blue Mountain is contained | |in this document, which you should use as a guide for completing your assignments and as a template for | |assembling your finished marketing plan at the end of the semester. | |When it comes time at the end of the semester to submit your marketing plan, download and use this document as | |a template for your work. Follow the notes and instructions provided when completing your work. |

Executive Summary

Blue Mountain Spring Water’s three-year marketing plan has been created by its owners to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s current status and future direction. Since our launch five years ago, Blue Mountain has experienced excellent revenue growth and increased market penetration. However, expansion outside our regional market is vital to Blue Mountain’s future success.

|NOTE: Complete as Final Project Step 8 | |As described in appendix B of the textbook, the executive summary—although it appears early in the plan—is | |typically written last, after the details of the marketing plan’s sections have been completed. After you have | |completed your marketing plan’s details, complete the Executive Summary as it pertains to your marketing plan. | |Executive Summary | |This report was commissioned to examine to secure additional funding for growth and to guide us in our future | |direction for the next 3 years | | | |The research draws attention to the fact that Blue Mountain Spring Water has achieved double digit sales growth, | |outside of 2008, since its founding. They enjoy a loyal customer following with a niche in schools and health food| |stores. Blue Mountain is also high on environmental impact with their own product as well as in wanting to change | |it for the better. They want to be able to contribute to improving the environment | | | |They are limited by their bottling capacity. They also wish to remain a private company therefore limited financing| |options. They wish to expand with limited funds. They also wish to expand outside the regional market they are | |currently in. | | | |It is recommended: | |[pic]To garner cost effective advertizing to develop brand recognition with a water drop unique bottle design | |[pic]to be bold and challenge the competition with word of mouth advertizing with taste tests in colleges and | |stores | |[pic]To run at minimum profit level for 3 years to pour revenues into bottling and...
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