Unit 327 - Contribute to running a project

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  • Published: October 12, 2013
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Outcome 1: Understand how to contribute to agree to a project brief

1.1 Describe the difference between routine work and taking part in a project

Routine work is basically things that you do every day in your job, note the name 'routine', it is what you are contracted to do and what you are used to doing. However when you are taking part in a project there tends to be a time limit and milestones are measured.

1.2 Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using projects and when projects are appropriate

The advantages of using projects are that they can allow you to focus on a certain part of the business, for example my project is to run the ebay store within the company that I am working for. This has allowed me to pay a lot of attention to a marketplace that was virtually non-existent and with a little care to it it has excelled throughout the months and now has a good turnover as oppose to this time last year. Another advantage of using projects is that it allows extra funding and resources to be used so that the project reaches its full potential. A disadvantage of using projects is that they can distract you from your regular routine work that is required, this leads me to my second point which is another disadvantage of using a project, they can be extremely time consuming. Therefore I have come to my conclusion that projects are only appropriate when you have enough time to focus entirely on them and when you have the resources and funding available too.

1.3 Explain the project-planning methodologies appropriate to the types of projects run and the tools that can be used to assist project planning and control

Basically all projects should have milestones and an opportunity to evaluate and reflect the milestones to see what needs to change within the project in order to gain more profit. If a project has a financial target then it needs to have perfect opportunities to sit and look at when the project is making the most money and when it is making the least to see what can be changed to alter any financial figures.

1.4 Explain the purpose and benefits of identifying stakeholders involved in the project.

It is important to identify stakeholders because in a way they are almost like your customers and even more like your suppliers, they are someone that is involved in the project, if someone is involved in something important to you then it is very important to know who they are so you know exactly who you're dealing with.

1.5 Explain the purpose of contributing to agreeing a projects purpose, scope, timescale, costs, aims and objectives.

The purpose of a project is basically why are you doing it, in my case it is to boost revenue, gain more custom via external marketplaces (eBay) and also to gain more experience and responsibility for myself. The scope of the project is basically building up the ebay website, the project covers numerous things but the main objective is the development of the ebay site. The timescale of the project is from June 2012 until April 2013. there are numerous costs over the course of this project, such as the fees for listing each product, the fees for using ebay itself and my own personal wages. The whole aim of the project is to increase turnover for the company, whilst the objective for me is to meet the financial targets set by my boss which is £21,000 over the period of time.

1.6 Explain the purpose of agreeing a budget for a project.

It is important to agree a budget for a project to work out whether it will be cost-effective, for example if the project is going to cost more than you are going to work then there would be no point going through without it. This is why a budget needs to be discussed to see what needs to be spent and how much it will turnover.

1.7 Describe how to estimate types and quantity of resources needed to run a project

In the past around 70% of my time was spent building up the ebay site this is just a rough estimate as...
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