Topics: Mobile phone, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, 3G Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Vodafone is a telecom company formed in 1982. Its goal is establish a voice and data services over cellular communication networks. The mission statement of Vodafone is “The Vodafone mission is to be the communications leader in and increasingly connected world enriching customers lives, helping individuals, businesses and communities are more connected by delivering their total communication needs.” (Kasi, 2011) The threats for Vodafone are mainly come from technology. However, it may become an opportunity for Vodafone to gain benefit from it. According to Porter’s Value Chain Analysis, it includes two types of activities. One is support activities such as technology development; one is primary activities such as services. Each activity supposes to add value. Technology development and services provided from Vodafone need to do well according to its goal and mission statement. This essay will discuss about 3 threats in PESTEL analysis and talk about how Vodafone may positively manage them. Main body

For discuss the impact macro factors may place upon Vodafone in the future, this essay will mainly use PESTEL analysis to identify. PESTEL analysis divides into 6 factors which are political, economics, socio-cultural, technological, environmental and legal, for identify and list in general environment. First, we will talk about technological factor. New technology for mobile broadband which is called Long Term Evolution (LTE). It is one of the newest technologies that telecom company exploring to improve services for their customers. LTE delivers very fast data speeds – up to 100 megabits per second download and 50 megabits per second upload, faster than most home broadband services. (Vodafone, 2011) The coverage and signal stability are the point that may impact Vodafone. According to this two points, Vodafone and O2 make one LTE network in UK. They will share 18,500 masts to provide access to the latest 4G services and extend both 2G and 3G...
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