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T-Mobile Promotes with Celebrity Sidekicks

Case Summary:
T-Mobile is the fourth largest cell phone provider in the United States. AT&T plans to pay $39 billion to buy Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA in a deal that is expected to attract intense regulatory scrutiny as it creates a new U.S. mobile market leader. Key Marketing Issues

T-Mobile provides a wide range of mobile phones with different features which target customers in terms of their communication needs and wants.

T-Mobile consistently offers cheaper plans than its competitors

Operates in six different companies including the United States

Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T (however merger was announced in March 2011) Personal Case Analysis
T-Mobile has fought to gain market share in a well established market. It has used celebrities, pop culture icons and ventures to brand T-Mobile as hip, young, and cool. T-Mobile is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Case Questions

1. What kind of brand image does T-Mobile want to build through its celebrity-packed promotion efforts?
As an unknown European brand, T-Mobile had to seek ways to create a definitive brand image in the United States among brands that were already well established. T-Mobile used a long lineup of celebrities in television ads and promotional events. The goal of the advertisement was not to just sell a lot of Sidekicks but to establish T-Mobile as a hip, young, and cool brand. 2. What celebrities should T-Mobile use in its advertisements? Why? T-Mobile should use young, hip pop-culture icons in its advertisements. This is the market segment which their targeting, therefore it only makes sense to use celebrities that potential customers can relate to. 3. How would T-Mobile’s choice of promotional partners, such as Juicy Couture and the NBA, attract or discourage customers from selecting T-Mobile’s phone services?...
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