Vita Lemon Tea Beverage Advertising Festival Gold Award to Lead the Trend Model

Topics: Marketing, Coffee, Iced tea Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: October 5, 2011
In recent years, Vitasoy International Holdings of Hong Kong's Victoria's lemon tea he drinks tea in the domestic market, a meteoric rise, the influx of people caused a lot of fashion in hot pursuit of popular products quickly, leading beverage trend! VITA Lemon Tea with

VITA Lemon Tea-loving consumers are basically youth fashion group, they themselves, rebellious, stubborn, personality, optimism, Funny, refused to preach ... ..., and this group of VITA Lemon Tea can go in the fashion of young people fascinated by art, in addition to the unique taste and a clear product of the interests of the points, VITA Lemon Tea excellent advertising works and innovative consumer marketing campaign is so refreshing, constant attention to one of the reasons . VITA Lemon Tea

promotional activities are all around It is VITA Lemon Tea shot The - Series 6 The judges agreed that their advertising from the creative, production and so have reached a higher level, and its advertising both stylish, fun and unique, and many other features, won a gold medal can be described as deserved. Because the commercials did not use the traditional approach to preaching how good their products, but from the consumer's point of telling their own stories, reflecting the young dare dare, insist on self, not seriously compromise the principle of allow consumers to smile at the same time, remember the dimensional characteristics of his products, lemon tea, If you want to see the commercials Gold style, please visit, more exciting content not to be missed.

With good advertising, are also only half the battle, then how to choose appropriate media for advertising to achieve the desired results, our media personnel pains. We know that only the target audience grasp the law of life and love for media choice, must be the most effective. So VITA Lemon Tea ads to improve product awareness in addition to select the most effective TVC, we also choose to run a public...
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