5 Year Marketing Project of Energy Water Product

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Marketing Strategy Plan


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Executive Summary2
Company Description3
Strategic focus4
Situation Analysis6
Market- Product Focus11
Marketing Strategy14
Financial Data and Projections20
Control and evaluation22

Executive Summary

Vitaminwater is a product of a privately owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Company, Glacéau. It aims to provide nutrients drinks to meet people needs throughout the day. Its bottles are colorful, which targets at the youth currently. To achieve the goal of rising popularity of Vitaminewater in local marketing within 5 years with a consumer expand and sales increase, marketing plan is proposed. Vitaminwater is recommended to expand the target customers to people who concerned with their health, not just the youth in Hong Kong. Thus, repackaging Vitaminwater is essential in attracting potential customers and stand out from other drinks manufactures like Pepsi. Moreover, Vitaminwater is suggested to engage into different advertisement channels and distribute to different selling locations. Therefore it can increase awareness among Hong Kong people. Ultimately, Vitaminwater improves the sales performance to meet sales target at HK 200,000 by 2014.

Company Description(公司背景介绍)

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Energy Brands, Glacéau, is a privately owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Company based in Whitestone, New York City that manufactures and distributes various lines of enhanced water. It was founded in May 1996. With an electrolyte enhanced line of water called Smartwater, Energy Brands initially distributed its products to health food stores and independent retailers in the New York area. Adding Fruitwater and Vitaminwater to its line in 1998 and 2000, respectively, the company expanded to nationwide distribution in the early 2000s. By 2002, the Glacéau line of waters were the top selling enhanced water brand in the United States, with the company's Vitaminwater being its best selling product. Vitaminwater was introduced into Hong Kong in Octobor 2009.

Strategic focus(核心竞争力与企业发展战略)

This section covers three aspects of corporate strategy that influence the marketing plan: (1) mission, (2) goals, and (3) core competence and sustainable competitive advantage of Vitaminwater. Mission

The mission of Vitaminewater is to provide drinks that filling the gap between soft drinks and water, so as to satisfy people’s needs throughout the day. To become a competitive beverage brand, we focus on the customer needs and listen to the market, Goals

• Nonfinancial goals:
1. To expands target customers from youth to all Hong Kong people

2. To adapt Hong Kong market by repackaging the Vitaminwater

3. To provide more sales distributions in Hong Kong

4. To import more flavors by 2014

5. To generate customer loyalty

• Financial goals:
1. To meet the sales target HKD120,000 by 2012 and HKD200,000 by 2014 2. To increase 10% revenue per year

Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
In terms of core competency, Glacéau-Vitaminwater seeks to achieve a unique ability to (1) provide healthy, nutrients drinks in different favors with attractive packages, (2) deliver products using fully developed distribution systems and (3) promote products in multi channels that maintain the Company’s quality standards. To translate these core competencies into sustainable competitive advantage, the company will work closely with key suppliers and distributors to assure the drinks quality, repackage the products that catering to the Hong Kong market and advertise the products in different channels to raise awareness .

Situation Analysis(所在行业分析)
This situation analysis...
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