Consumers Role in Distribution System

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November 30, 2010

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Limbo, Merela
Macabulos, Kathleen
Pedelo, Rea Erika Submitted to:
Picache, Sideinl Marie Dr. Joey Tem Reyes, Agnes

“The Consumer’s Role in the Distribution System”


The Consumer’s Role in the Distribution System

The consumers play an important role in the distribution process. Through the help of advertising, companies can build customer satisfaction to their client as it helps them to interpret the want-satisfying characteristic of a product in the framework of consumer thinking and action. Customer’s role to distribution system depends on how he or she perceives and uses advertising. Through the creation of various media consumers, it can easily search for entertainment or knowledge about a product, however though there are many advertisements being presented on daily basis, consumers only pays attention to product that fits their personality and the remaining advertisement are considered unacceptable. Efficiently serving the customers is what the whole distribution process is all about. Advertising tells the consumers about the things available in the market, these ads are then considered as information by customers. With the help of these data it is now easier for a customer to buy what he need or want. Consumer’s time can be saved by advertising through assistance during pre-selecting process. It can narrow the choice between different brands before the final purchase. Consumers feel that a certain product is of good quality when a manufacturer invests a large amount of money for its advertisement. Advertising serves the consumers as an assurance of quality,...
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