Principles of Makreting

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Television advertisement Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Yetta Mallory
February 15, 2013
Unit 1 Individual Project
Dr. Tamara Tavassoli

There are many forces that affect the marketing process. Based on each force, they all contribute to the marketing process individually that makes the process successful. Three forces that are pretty dominant in the marketing process are advertisement, sales promotion, and direct marketing. Each of these forces contributes to the marketing process and strategy in a way that they all have their own successful tactics. Especially with advertising Snickers chocolate bars, these forces are what makes Snickers such a successful candy bar.

In the marketing process, there are forces that contribute to making a product successful. The first force that is the most dominant in the process is advertising. Advertising is the use of paid media by a seller to communicate persuasive information about its products, services, or organization (Editorial Board, 2011). Advertising is the main promotional strategy that sells a product. Advertising consists of signs and billboards, magazine and newspaper articles, pop-ups on web sites, word-of-mouth, and most of all, television commercials. Studies have shown that television remains the best means of reaching a wide audience quickly (Romaniuk, 2012). In able to be successful, each product has a certain criteria that must be met. Take, for instance, the most popular chocolate candy bar, Snickers. The main advertising that promotes Snickers is television advertisements, or commercials and Snickers’ criteria are that it must satisfy your hunger. Therefore, the television advertisement must delay the message that it satisfies your hunger.

Although every Snickers commercial is different, they all have the same message that they have to get across to their consumers; Snickers satisfies your hunger. One of the most favorite Snickers commercials is the one when there was a group of friends riding in a car and one of the friends in the back...
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