Visual Merchandising

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Visual Merchandising:
Visual Merchandising is very important because the first impression of the product or store on the customer is by visualizing. If the impression is positive then customers attract to the store. A store must have the inviting appearance to the customers.

Objectives of Visual Merchandising:
Objective of visual merchandise is to attract the customers to your business in order to sell the merchandise. The main objective is to make the customers feel comfortable and eager to buy. Essential of Visual Merchandising: 

* Interior Floor Design and Display.
* Space and Signage.
* Window Display.
Tools Use for Visual Merchandising: 
* Audio-Visual Displays.
* Decoration and Props.
* Signage and Graphics.
The presentation in visual merchandising falls into two categories mainly: 1. Exterior Presentations.
2. Interior Presentations.

Exterior Presentations: 
The outlook of a store is a major determinant for a customer. Good exterior presentation attracts attention, creates interest and invites the customer into business. It involves exterior signs, banners and window display. Exterior Signs:

A store sign is its “signature” which tells the customers that what type of the business and what it sells. In less than 10sec the sign must attract attention. Banners:
Banners are used to sales promotion. It should be very colorful and eye catching. Window Display:
Some products should be placed on a store’s window. Window display should attract attention, create interest and invite people into the store to purchase goods. New displays indicate new up-to-date merchandise is available. Interior Presentations:

Another way of the merchandising is through interior display that effectively show merchandise to the customers. The purpose of doing this is to develop interest for the merchandise. It involves color theme and images, lighting, props and fixtures. Researchers found that 64.8% of all purchase decision was made inside...
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