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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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It was about 11:00am eastern time, it was warm out so I want to say maybe mid July early August. I was at work kicking it in the fitting room when I heard someone calling my name over the walkie stating that I had a phone call. Once confirming the message I hesitated before answering for I thought to myself who could this be calling me at work and not on my cell. I prayed it wasn’t some crazy customer asking me to pull outfits for them. I answered with a sigh of relief it turned out to be my boy Nahom. I was relieved but perplexed. “Yo” he said I’m out, “Out” ? I replied Out he said, “I’m in Philly” “Philly” ? I replied “Yes Philly” he said last night, I decided to take a chance when I was driving home it just came to me If I ever want to be happy I got to find what truly makes me happy, you know separate myself from everyone and everything focus on me and you know see who make it back in the end“. Thus it began, I always knew myself to be happy but then I began to wonder what is happiness, am I truly happy, and how do find happiness ?

With that in mind, I want to take you on a journey really fast. With your permission I would like to walk with you through your mind. I need you to think about what makes you happy, if you aren’t happy what contributed to your happiness when you were, and if you’ve never been happy what do imagine happiness to feel like ? Now tie all those things together, besides the fact that these things make you happy what ‘s the missing link ?

After a long period of silence I realized there was really nothing I could say or do. I really wanted to tell him how irrational his decision was but who am I to discourage him from doing something that he feels would better himself ? So instead I replied by saying “Yo, your nuts” followed by some kind words of encouragement. After I hung up those questions till lingered within in me. I too decided to go on my own journey and figure out what happiness is. Because of my situation at the...
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