Anthropologie Research Paper

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Tess Emmert
Internet Research Paper #2

Anthropologie tailors its products and intriguing store environment to sophisticated and contemporary women aged 30 to 45. Anthropologie’s target customers are, for the most part, focused on family, home and career. They are women who are artistic, well minded, and like being independent. They love to travel to europe and go to all the flea markets. Other stores that they like to shop at are Free People and Urban Outfitters ( Anthropologie's sister stores).

The Anthropologie unique environment and playful, dream-like atmosphere draws new audience in everyday, capturing many customer's attention. It establishes an emotional bond with the customer making them remember past-time and thoughtful memories. Every element of the store is specifically favored to the aesthetic preferences of their target audience. The merchandise is mixed into a variety of creative displays and art fixtures designed to bring the customer an entire look at a lifestyle. The dynamic display and visual merchandise technique gives a strong connection between the products and the customer. Other things that play a role in marketing towards the Anthropologie audience is the ambience and the music that appeals to their target audience and using employees that identify and understand the target audience.

Something that is very important to Anthropologie stores is creating a shopping experience that is individualized and tailored to each customer. They provide an inviting atmosphere and an attentive sales staff including customer care managers in store striving to create a sense of community within Anthropologie. It encourages the target audience to stay and spend more time exploring, relaxing, and reminiscing through what the store has to offer.

Anthropologie believes that highly visible store locations, broad merchandise selection, creative store design, and visual presentation are key enticements for...
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