Vision and Mission Statement Analysis of Srilanka Airlines

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Sri Lankan Airlines
Vision statement
“To be the most preferred airline in Asia”
Strategic vision should be distinctive and specific to a particular organization. In this statement the word “airline” and “to be the most preferred airline in Asia” says the specific particular organization and the destination that they want to achieve. It involves the management aspiration through strategic thinking about - Future direction of whole company

- Make the customer preference towards them
- Current market position: currently they are not the most preferred airline in Asia
- Future prospect: to become the most preferred airline in Sri lanka

Future prospects
1. Expansion of our global route network and enhance revenue a. Launch of services to new destinations
b. Increased capacity to existing destinations
c. Addition of new code-share partners
d. Capitalizing on our enhanced products and services by increasing yields 2. Transformation of the fleet with the acquisition of three more brand new Airbus A320 aircraft and the modernization of the long-haul A330 and A340 fleets, which include the addition of flatbed seating and sophisticated Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) entertainment systems. 3. Buildup of customer loyalty through continuous enhancement of the complete passenger experience at customer touch points on board and on the ground. 4. Expansion of our domestic service across Sri Lanka’s far-flung regions to provide a truly alternative mode of transport for domestic travelers and seamless connections to our international network.

These are the some future goals that they are willing to achieve according to the annual report of these objectives are well established and appropriate as it mentioned how they are going to enhance the global root network and revenue. But it is not mentioned the time frame and from which amount they are going to enhance the revenue. In second objective it is clearly mentioned the type of the air busses, the...
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