Virtual Organizations and Simulation Exercises

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Virtual Organizations and Simulation Exercises Needs Document
CIS/568 Information Systems Concepts

Identified Business Needs
For this business needs documents scenario, I chose Riordan Manufacturing needs to create a web based interactive logo design tool and ordering interface. This will simplify potential clients ability to market their business, as well as an marketing tool for Riordan Manufacturing. The intent is to create a user friendly, efficient and cost effective utility that will make it easy for current and potential future clients to do business with Riordan Manufacturing. Advantages and Disadvantages of using steering committee versus CIO decision

Advantages of steering committee
* Steering committees usually consist of stakeholders whom have a vested interested in success of project. * Usually have a better acceptance of the evaluation by those evaluated, by creating relations of trust; easier access to information and a better understanding of the facts and events which took place while the program was underway. * Opportunities for process use and learning among stakeholders as a result of their Steering Committee interactions; interpretations and recommendations which take into account all the important points of view. * The dissemination of conclusions and taking into account of recommendations more rapidly and informally; and a greater likely-hood that recommendations and conclusions will lead to action and follow-up. Unknown author, unknown year. Retrieved from Disadvantages of using steering committee

* Committees take considerable amount of manpower and man hours. * Decisions may be delayed due to filibusters and clear cut authority. * Have a tendency to reach compromises rather than resolve specific issues. * Some individuals or small groups may have more power than intended. *...
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