Vidding Who Does It Cost?

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Vidding Who Does it Cost?
Danielle Rundle
BUS 250 Corporate and Social Responsibility
Instructor Tracy Thompson

“It’s on the Internet, publicly available, so it must be free to be used.” “It is simply a way for me to express myself.” “It is totally different than what they created, it is mine now.” (Lawrence & Weber, 2012). Is this a justified argument for creating viding videos? When creating something using what other people have created and then changing it to fit your art is not a justified act. A person using justice reasoning considers who pays the cost and who gets the benefits; if the shares seem fair then the action is probably just (Lawrence & Weber, 2012). People spend hours and hours creating music. It comes from deep down in their souls, something they have felt. Using music that someone else has created to create something of your own is not holding the whole party to a fair standard. The original creator is not getting recognized for his or her work. Therefore it is not just. Is the creating and uploading of vids to the Internet simply an ethical expression of one’s free speech? Vidding is the practice of creating new videos, sometimes called songvids or fanvids, which takes existing clips, usually from popular television shows, anime series, or music videos, and blends them with a song. It is a mix of narrative storytelling and visual poetry (Lawrence & Weber, 2012). Because viding is using other forms of art that someone else has already created would mean no its not ok to upload vid videos. However being able to have free speech on the Internet is huge. We the people do have the right to speak freely in any way we want to. Yet we have to make sure that the way we speak out is done in a way that is original. So where do you draw the line when using material found on the Internet, while trying to respect the artists’ intellectual property and rights to royalties from their creations? When one person uses the...
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