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Topics: Citation, Reference, Bibliography Pages: 36 (7723 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Bryant & Stratton College
APA Style Guide
Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.

Created by Melodie Fox, Dean of Instruction, Milwaukee
With contributions from Molly McKnight, Lloyd Daub, Jan Kamholtz, and librarians and faculty across the Bryant & Stratton College system. Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guide Rev. 4/28/10


Bryant & Stratton College
APA Style Guide
This guide should help you determine citation format for some of the sources most commonly used by students at Bryant & Stratton College. If you need more in-depth assistance, you can consult the APA‟s Publication Manual or other APA resources available on campus. You may also consult an English instructor or a librarian. Be aware that APA resources occasionally differ or require a judgment call. Be sure to follow your instructors‟ preferences.

This guide includes short sections on formatting:
In-text citations
Reference pages
Reference page entries for source available both in print and electronically Reference page entries for other non-text sources
Overall paper layout

To avoid plagiarism, your paper must include all of the following: In-text citations that direct the reader to a specific source on the reference list (not just putting a URL or title in parentheses).

Full reference entries, not just a list of websites.
Quotation marks around all words quoted directly from the source, unless it is over 40 words and indented (see sample paper pp. 18-24 for examples). Also,
Copyright and fair use laws state that only a small percentage of a source can be used in a paper. A good rule of thumb is to quote less than 15% of an article. Pasting a whole article or a large portion of one, even if you cite it, is not allowed. Your paper should consist mostly of your own words and ideas. Please see the student code of conduct for more definitions of academic dishonesty. You may need permission to use photographs and other graphics from websites. Consult the site‟s usage guidelines for permission.

These rules apply to any student work, including PowerPoint presentations, business reports, graphics, posters, journals, emails, or any other type of work. -Computer tips in this guide refer to Microsoft Word 2007

-Your online class or your English instructor may refer you to the References ribbon in Word 2007 for creating APA citations, but this may require a class lesson to be effective. Using this guide and making your own citations is preferable for most students.

Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guide Rev. 4/28/10


Basic Rules: In-text Citations
In-text citations require 3 pieces of information:
a. Author‟s last name (If no author, use the abbreviated title in quotation marks) b. Year published (If no date, use n.d.)
c. Page number for print sources or paragraph number for electronic sources. If you are citing a PowerPoint presentation, use the slide number (for all direct quotations or paraphrases—only summaries do not include this part).


(Smith, 2000, p. 45).

(Smith, 2000, para. 10).

No author

(“Comparing Apples,” 2000, p. 45).*

(“Comparing Apples,” 2000, ¶ 10).

No date

(Smith, n.d., p. 45).

(Smith, n.d., para. 10).


(“Comparing Apples,” n.d., p. 45).

(“Comparing Apples,” n.d., ¶ 45).


(Coca-cola, 1999, p. 13).

(Coca-cola, 1999, para. 4).

Source w/no

Organizations that use an acronym:
Organizations that use an acronym:
(American Library Association [ALA], 2000,
(American Library Association [ALA], 2000, para. 2).
p. 14).
After the first one: (ALA, 2000, p. 14).
After the first one: (ALA, 2000, para. 2).
(Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 1999,
(Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 2006, para. 8).
p. 223).
The agency name replaces the author if there After the first one: (BLS, 2000, para. 8). is...
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