“Copyright Law and the Internet” by John C. Montana

Topics: Copyright, Fair use, Intellectual property Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: March 22, 2013
“Copyright Law and the Internet” by John C. Montana

“Copyright Law and the Internet” by John C. Montana
The review of “Copyright Law and the Internet” by John C. Montana will reveal different types of intellectual property, legal protection for intellectual property, and how the internet both complicates and simplifies intellectual property. There will also be some minor discussion of privacy, ethics, and security as they apply to intellectual property and the Internet. Much of the information found in the article is in line with the information found in the textbook. Intellectual property that falls under the umbrella of the copyright laws covers a broad spectrum of original works but does not apply to facts or ideas. Literary works include books, magazine articles, written website content, and blogs to name a few. Musical works include music of all varieties and genres with and without vocals. Dramatic works such as plays and operas, including the accompanying music. Pantomimes and choreographic works including dance routines and dance videos. Pictorial graphics and sculptures like paintings, logos, digital graphics, and three dimensional works of art in all mediums. Motion picture include full length films that one might go to see in theater, TV shows, You Tube original films, and home movies. Sound recordings of all types and formats including sound effects, radio broadcast and even self help tapes. Architectural works including floor plans for homes, offices, and skyscrapers (Montana, 1999). Copyrighted works can be used in some cases without the permission of the creator of the original work. Under the “Fair Use” provisions of copyright laws, original works covered by a copyright can be used for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. The reasoning behind the fair use policy is because the works are not being used for profit or a commercial nature; the works are being used for...
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