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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Ice Ice Baby, Under Pressure

In 1981, Queen released a song featuring David Bowie title “Under Pressure.” The song was a huge success and was recently listed as VH1’s 31st best song of the 1980’s. 11 years later in 1991, Vanilla Ice recorded “Ice Ice Baby,” which was so popular it ended up being the 1st rap song to ever reach #1 on the billboard top 100. Why was the song so popular? It had an infectious beat that sounded so new, yet so familiar. A few months later Vanilla Ice was approached by Queen who threatened Ice with a copyright infringement suit for stealing their base line. The infringement suit ended up being settled outside of court after it is rumored that Vanilla Ice paid Queen the “songwriting royalties” to the song.

1. Do you personally believe Vanilla Ice borrowed ideas from Queen’s hit? Explain your answer. Yes because it had said that the beat sounded familiar but it just had a infectious beat to it so yes she probally borrowed ideas from Queen.

2. The songs do not share any of the same lyrics, should this exempt the song writer from being found guilty of copyright infringement? Defend your answer. No because it still has the beat and it was Queens first so she has the right to the beat. But if she doesn’t have a contract it couldn’t be exempt.

3. Which song do you think is better and more creative? Why? Ice Ice Baby because its more hip and has a better beat and it came out on a later date.

4. Should Vanilla Ice have to pay Queen for using a similar bass line, even though he claims there were slight differences in the two?

No not really, because its just a simple bass line its not like it was the whole song.

5. What do you think would be a reasonable punishment for an artist found guilty of copyright infringement?

The song should be cut from the radio, tvs, and the cd.