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Topics: Rhetoric, Logos, Pathos Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Jan Marc Sotomayor
Prof. Kimberly Santiago
English 3202
17 March 2011
Victoria’s Secret Rhetoric Strategy Analysis
Victoria’s Secrets underwear ad has a really influencing roll on the ladies and their husbands. This ad tries to convince the audience by placing rhetorical strategies such as ethos, logos, and pathos to buy their products. As I’ve heard Victoria’s Secret is famous by their high performance modeling and how they look in the underwear they sell. This product calls the attention of the women and some men because they have the fame of sexy underwear. The message they want to transmit at the beginning of the commercial is “One Gift a Thousand Fantasies”, which means that you’ll never regret the article of clothing that you bought because it will satisfy you and your partner completely. Besides being underwear it will give “a thousand fantasies”. When we refer to the ethos of the commercial, which means the arguments referred to the characters, this commercial has a lot of them. The first example is the supermodels that show this product. This is a good rhetoric strategy because supermodels have a perfect body that no matter how cheap or ugly this product is it will look good on them. This is really important because it gives security to the consumer that they are buying a “good” product. Another ethos is the use of expensive cars and explosions. This makes the product look better because we can assume that they spent a lot of money in this commercial and at the same time it entertains the viewer. The logos of the commercial, the logic arguments of rhetoric, were used in this commercial with a purpose of persuading the audience. They use supermodels to show the consumer that if you buy the product you will look attractive. As a rhetoric strategy they used hyperbole because as we can see in the video these supermodels wear this underwear with the purpose of selling you this product, but with a really exotic background, like expensive cars and a...
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