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The Non-Commissioned-Officer is often referred to as the backbone of the Marine Corps. They are the primary and most visible leaders for most military personnel. They are the leaders mostly responsible for executing missions and training junior Marines so that they are also prepared to execute the missions and so they too can train the Marines they will have under them in the future. NCO’s have earned respect and their rank and should never be disrespected or talked back to. They were given their rank for a reason because they are trusted to take charge of Marines under them and set them up for success.

Disrespecting an NCO is uncalled for and looks bad on that NCO, your peers, team leaders and even the Staff NCO’s and Officers who put that NCO in charge of you. It shows that what your leaders have taught you didn’t mean anything to you. They were put there to train you and are trusted by those above them, disrespecting them shows to Marines above the NCO that that NCO can not do his job properly.

It’s very unprofessional to talk back to an NCO. From day one at boot camp we are taught that the Marine Corps is a very professional environment , the most professional of all the armed forces. We are taught that even if you don’t agree with what you are told or if you just don’t want to do it that you do it with no complaints. You don’t gripe and mumble about things you don’t like and to always keep your mouth shut and do what you’re told.

A Marine NCO has done and seen a lot more than you have and have earned respect from those of a lower rank. They have much more knowledge than you and are put in their position to teach you what you know. They are trusted to teach you everything they know so that you can be successful and be able to teach the Marines you will have in the future. If you don’t listen to what they teach you then you will fail yourself and the Marines that you will have in the future. NCO’s have made mistakes in the past and have...
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