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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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The modern Marine NCO is the embodiment of the Corp’s history and traditions because we are the back bone of the Marine Corps. We are the small unit leaders and through our strive, motivation and dedication, I believe its our duty to pass on the knowledge to our junior Marines as many other NCO’s have and are doing today. We do this by carrying the tradition of making sure the the history and traditions are still being remembered and enforced by taking the initiative and time to learn about our history and traditions first; if we know nothing or very little about our traditions and history, we would not be able to pass on any knowledge. As an NCO you are the first “teacher”, mentor, and example to junior Marines. It all starts from the first day you take Marines under your charge; the way you act around your Marines, when showing common courtesies is another way we keep our traditions going. Lastly, the modern NCO’s are taught to follow the traditions and history of the past and; therefore, we have to continue to do the same. In the following I will further explain in greater detail about why I chose these reasons.

First of, taking the initiative and time to learn about our history and traditions is the first step in continuing our tradition. Initiative is also a leadership trait that all marines should show, but as an NCO, I believe that you are your junior Marine’s role model; they look up to you and they should be able to go to you for any questions, advice, and knowledge. So NCO’s need to show that Initiative and learn about our Corps traditions and history to be able to teach and pass on the knowledge to our junior Marines. Taking the time to learn will only benefit you; as NCO’s you need be proficient not only in your respective MOS, but in our Corps rules and regulations, our history and the many brave fallen comrades from the past that we still talk about today, and our traditions that we continue to carry on since our Corps was established....
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