Why the Rank Structure and Chain of Command Are Important

Topics: Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Non-commissioned officer Pages: 2 (945 words) Published: October 24, 2010
There are a lot of reasons for the rank structure and the chain of command. Every reason that I am going to explain in this essay is very important. I am going to separate them into two paragraphs. The first paragraph will be about the importance of the rank structure and why the rank structure is in place. The second paragraph will be about the importance of the chain of command and why the chain of command is set into place.

The rank structure goes back to the 1700’s. The rank structure was put into place so that the soldiers had someone that was there to give out orders; also the rank structure was there to teach the newer enlisted respect. If the rank structure was not in place, there would be no order or discipline in the army. The United States ARMY is the World’s strongest army. And it is all because we have order and discipline threw out all of the ranks. When we know that the person out ranks us we need to show the proper respect that they have earned through being in the military and doing their job. As a soldier that has had a lot of mistakes with respecting the rank structure, I know how hard it may be. But all in all you want to respect the persons rank. It does not do anything to the person that you are disrespecting. The one thing that it does do is make them mad. And in all honesty they have a reason to get mad. They have earned their way. They were a private once. It is not like they joined the army as a sergeant. They had to fight their way through the ranks just as most of us have and probably will continue to do. I have always lived by the saying; respect is earned, not given. Well I realized something. The noncommissioned officer has earned the respect that must be shown. If you do not see that they deserve respect. Guess what, the army feels and knows that they do deserve the respect of all their subordinates. So let us all do our selves a favor. Just bite your tongue and drive on. All you have to say is check, roger, or hooah. This...
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