Accountability, Per the Marine Corps

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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Accountability is everything within the Marine Corps and within the working world. Unit cohesion could not exist without accountability. Good communication could not happen without good accountability. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines accountability as: “the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions”

Supervisors, running a company, need to have 100% accountability of their employees. This is so that if someone else asks about a certain employee, the supervisor can give an accurate record of when the employee came in, where they can be found, and when their shift ends. If that employee cannot be found, accountability has been lost. Even if all that can be achieved is a general picture of where that employee is, accountability can still be maintained. So, in the civilian world, it is the employee's responsibility to make sure that his/her direct supervisor knows where and when he/she is going somewhere.

Within the Marine Corps, accountability can mean the difference between life and death. NCOs and SNCOs need to have accurate accountability of where their Marines are at all times. This means that those Marines need to give a “head's up” to their direct command as to their whereabouts, and under certain circumstances, their actions. Whether those actions be training, pt, administrative, etc; the individual Marine should have the common sense to inform his direct NCO as to his location and or destination.

Having proper accountability of your Marines is very important and crucial in many different ways. Most importantly when you have an accurate account of all your marines, you know that any given Marine is safe and not in trouble or in harms way, and more importantly you have at least a general picture of where that Marine is and you know if they are in the proper place that they are supposed to be and if they are there on time. Knowing where the Marines...
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