Why Accountability in the Army Is Important!

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Why Accountability is Important
Accountability is very important in the Army. Accountability is taking responsibility for your actions and your items. By meaning what you say, saying what you mean, and doing what you say, when you say you will do it. By keeping track of all my items and equipment I can always be ready for anything that is needed of me by my country, my superiors, or other servicemen. Being accountable means being dependable. Where my country, my superiors and fellow servicemen can count on me in any situation. to know I will be there to do what is necessary. Taking responsibility for your own actions and equipment is what keeps things running smoothly. And keeps things from turning into utter chaos. Being in formation on time everyday is an prime example of accountability. Formation is where the Army takes accountability of everyone and to get important information out that needs to be dealt with. Without accountability there is no knowing of where everyone is or whats going on. Knowing where your equipment and personal effects are at all times is very important also. By not putting a lock on my wall locker, I was not talking responsibility for my own items, and not doing what I was told to do by my superiors. I was not being responsible. Keeping my items locked and secured is very important now and in the future. As with keeping all sensitive items secured and accounted for later on. Keeping my wall locker locked, keeps accountability of all my items and teaches me to always maintain my equipment, my arms, and myself. Many things could have happened by me failing to adhere to my responsibilities. My wall locker could have been vandalized, or items of mine could have been stolen. And if it was sensitive information that was seen or taken, I could have jeopardized people lives or the outcome of our country. If my items were taken, Then I would not have the proper items and materials to be properly trained to the standards of a...
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