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Accountability is defined by department of defense as the obligation imposed by a law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping an accurate record of government property, documents or funds. The numerical end product of personnel accountability process reflects the combat power of a unit.

So what is Personnel accountability exactly? Personnel accountability is a by name tracking system that manages the duty status and location of every single soldier assigned or attached to a unit. This tracking system also tracks the soldiers as they arrive to the unit, and depart from the unit for duty. Personnel accountability must be maintained at all times, for an inaccurate count will lead to disastrous outcomes. In order to perform as a fully functional unit a commander must know their personnel strength.

It is important for a soldier to keep their squad leader informed as to where they are going what they are doing. If a soldier knows they are going to be late it is their duty to inform their squad leader on their status. If a soldier does not inform their squad leader of tardiness it takes away from the squad leaders role as a leader to other soldiers because it had become his duty to track down the missing soldiers. It is essential for a soldier to keep their squad leaders informed on their whereabouts in order for a squad leader to keep an accurate count of the number of soldiers he will have to complete any given task or mission. Which in turn is added to the count of the platoon and to the company so on and so forth until it reaches brigade and devision which the end result ends up in the commander and chief's hand.

A leader may account for his soldiers in many ways. Over the phone, which is not entirely accurate, where the soldier have the opportunity to lie about their whereabouts and not arrive at their place of duty on time. An other way a leader may account for his soldiers is to call a formation and physically take...
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