Differences Between Revolution and Resistance in Haiti an Cuba.

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  • Published : November 6, 2008
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Accountability is a public or private agency, such as a state education agency, that enters into a contractual agreement to perform a service, such as administer 21st century community learning center programs will be held answerable for performing according to agreed on terms, within a specified time period. The word Accountability at present is a very popular word. Traditionally it is something which arises in a principal and agent situation. The principal, the funder, taxpayers, electorate, government etc…relies on the agent to do something. The agent local authority, police chief, district health authority, hospital etc…is held to be responsible for getting the task done. The principal has a need to control the agent, or to make the agent accountable to the principal. The agent of course usually knows more about the task. They have to speak inside the information. It is difficult for most principals to know what is going on. In the following paragraphs questions like to whom and for what is the Public Service accountable to? How well are accountabilities understood by Ministers, Political Staff and Public Servants? And what changes are needed to strengthen the accountability of Ministers and/or Public Servants? This all will be answered.

When it comes to what for and to who whom is the Public Service accountable to is plain and simple, it’s to the Canadian society of majorities and minorities. But Minorities in almost every government do not really get the attention they deserve. An issue the Public Service managers must be held accountable for is the failing to hire minorities. Unlike the United States where racial discrimination is generally accepted as a reality that must be addressed, in Canada we often believe that we don’t have any significant problem in regards to racial discrimination. However, repeated studies have established that racism in Canada is experienced differently by some communities where blacks and aboriginals feel very...
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